Ghana Lotto Draws – How to bet with PrideBet

05/12/2023 |

Similar to many other countries we have a vibrant lottery culture in Ghana with a variety of lotto draws available via the National Lottery Authority (NLA). While you can join these lotteries via the NLA point of sale terminals across the country you can now also bet on many draws directly from your PrideBet player account.

Save yourself the journey to a terminal and place your lucky numbers bets directly alongside your sports bets or while enjoying some casino games fun.

Ghana Lotto Draws – How to bet with PrideBet

Below we give you a detailed overview about the available Ghana lotto draws at PrideBet and how you can start betting on them.

PrideBet Ghana Lotteries Offering

Every day of the week you can have some lotto betting fun with one of National Lottery draws. At the moment you can place fixed odd bets on the following 9 lotto draws at PrideBet:

Enjoy Lotto Every Day!

  • Monday Special: start the week in a special way by picking the correct 5 numbers out of 90 every Monday. Will you lucky numbers be the drawn ones?
  • Lucky Tuesday, another beloved Ghana lottery game. As the name suggests, this 5/90 fixed odds game takes place every Tuesday.
  • Midweek: this lotto draw happens every Wednesday at 7.15pm. You need to correctly predict up to 5 numbers between 1 to 90. If you are successful, you win!
  • Fortune Thursday: every Thursday many of us hope for a fortune. Participating in Fortune Thursday means predicting between 1 to 5 numbers that will be drawn out of 90 numbers on Thursdays at 7:15pm.
  • Friday Bonanza: start the weekend the right way by picking the correct numbers. Friday Bonanza is a celebrated 5/90 lottery game with a draw happening every Friday at 7.15pm. Joi the fun and pick up to 5 numbers to win a great cash prize.
  • National Weekly: This lottery game is the flagship title of the NLA. There is a weekly draw every Saturday at 7.15pm and the potential for significant winnings.
  • Sunday Aseda: another popular 5/90 lottery game in Ghana. Pick your 5 winning numbers from the range 1-90 before each draw on Sunday at 6pm to get lucky.

Daily & Weekly Lotto Draws

  • DayWa: this daily lottery is popular due to its simplicity and frequency.
  • Super 6 is a well-known Ghana lottery game that adds an extra layer of thrill and anticipation to the traditional lottery experience. Select up to five numbers from a range of 55 numbers and hope that these come up. Draws happen daily at 7:30am every Monday to Saturday!

Available Lotto Betting Markets

Most of the above lotteries are 5/90 lotto draws. This means that 5 numbers in the range from 1 to 90 will be randomly drawn during each game. Your aim is to correctly predict up to 5 of these numbers correctly. The more you can match, the bigger your win can be.

While you can participate via a sales terminal of any NLA licensed retailer close to you, you now also have the option to conveniently get involved at PrideBet. Here you have for each lottery the chance to pick either 1, 2, 3 , 4 or 5 numbers and bet a minimum of 1 cedi that your selection will be part of the draw. You have full flexibility on how many numbers you pick and moreover your stake. In addition, betting online means that you will never have the risk of losing a ticket anymore as all your bets are stored in your PrideBet account.

Other betting markets are also available for many of the 9 Ghana Lotto Draws available at PrideBet, including Combo or Bonus Ball. Sometimes you also have the Crazy Lotto option. Then you can bet on the numbers you think will not be drawn.

How to bet on the various Ghana lotto draws at PrideBet

So why not give PrideBet a go the next time you want to bet on any of the above listed Ghana lotto draws.

Follow these steps to start your lotto betting fun:

  1. Login to your PrideBet Ghana account. If you don’t have one yet, register with PrideBet here.
  2. Then head to the “Numbers” tab and click on “Ghana” in the list of countries.
  3. Now you will see all Ghana lotto draws that you can bet on.
  4. Afterwards select your favourite draw and pick your lucky numbers. Usually you can select between 1 up to 5 numbers.
  5. Once you decided on your numbers you need to enter your stake amount. Betting on numbers starts from 1 cedi at PrideBet.
  6. Then complete your bet by confirming your selection and submitting your ticket.
  7. Lastly, wait for the draw to happen. It could be your day to say thanks to the lucky number gods!


Are Ghana lotto draws part of the PrideBet Numbers Betting Portfolio?

Yes, you can now bet on various Ghana lotto draws at This includes Friday Bonanza, Super 6 and many other draws.

Which lotto draws can I bet on at PrideBet Ghana?

At PrideBet Ghana you now have the option to be on over 60 lotto draws from 16 countries. Of course this includes many of our beloved NLA draws including the following:
– DayWa
– Monday Special
– Lucky Tuesday
– Midweek
– Fortune Thursday
– Friday Bonanza
– National Weekly
– Sunday Aseda
– Super 6
Moreover you can bet on highly popular lotteries such as the UK 49s, Irish Lotto, various US lotteries as well as France Lotto.

What is a 5/90 lotto draw?

In a 5/90 lotto game you need to correctly predict 5 numbers from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 90. If your prediction matches the drawn numbers you win.

How can I play the Ghana lotteries?

You can get your tickets at any NLA licensed retailer across Ghana but moreover you can place bets on the outcome of 9 Ghana lotto draws at PrideBet. Instead of getting a lotto ticket you place a bet at fixed odds at the outcome. If your predicted numbers are drawn then you win and PrideBet pays your win directly into you player account. Betting on the Ghana lotteries starts from GHC 1.

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