Outright Betting Guide

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Most sports bets are placed on single events such as an upcoming EPL game or a current tennis match. But some bets have a more long-term nature as they involve betting on the outcome of entire tournaments or leagues. These bets are called Outright Bets and come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover there are certain sports where they are more common such as football, basketball or tennis.

Outright Betting Guide

With this guide the PrideBet News team want to give you a better understanding about ins and outs of outright betting. Whether you’ve placed bets on outright markets before or just thinking about it for the first time, this guide will provide you with valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions and enhance your overall betting experience at PrideBet. Let’s delve into the key concepts, strategies, and factors that contribute to successful outright betting.

Understanding Outright Betting

Outright betting is a type of wager where you bet on the outcome of an entire competition or event rather than on an individual game or match within that event. This form of betting is common in various sports and other competitions. Instead of predicting the outcome of a single game or match, outright betting involves making predictions about the overall winner or the final standings of a tournament or competition.

For example, in soccer, you might place an outright bet on a team to win the league title before the season starts. Therefore outright betting is quite popular on the major soccer leagues including the EPL or La Liga. Moreover it is a great market for football tournaments such as the World Cup or the Africa Cup of Nations. But football is not the only sports where outright betting is an option. In tennis for example, you might bet on a player to win a Grand Slam tournament. Or furthermore in motor racing, you might wager on a driver or a team to win the championship for the entire season. Another popular outright bet is predicting the NBA MVP, the most valuable player in the NBA season.

The odds for outright bets can change over time based on the performance of teams, players, or participants throughout the competition. It’s important to note that outright betting requires a longer-term commitment, as the outcome of the your may not occur until the end of the tournament or competition. Additionally, the odds for outright bets can fluctuate as the event progresses and new information becomes available.

Common Outright Bets

  1. Winner Bet: perhaps the most straightforward outright bet is the winner bet, also known as tournament winner bet. As the name implies you predict the overall winner of a competition. This can apply to sports like football, tennis, and many others.
  2. Top Goalscorer / Top Scorer Bet: in football betting the top goalscorer bet is a popular option. You predict which player will score the most goals throughout a tournament or a league season. Similar to top goalscorer in football when betting on cricket you can bet on Top Runscorer. Then you predict the player who will score the most runs in a series or tournament. Similar you can place a Driver’s Championship Bet in Formula 1 by placing a bet on the driver you think will win the F1 Driver’s Championship.
  3. Golden Boot Bet: Similar to top goalscorer bets, the Golden Boot is specifically often associated with football tournaments. Therefore you place bets on the player who you think will score the most goals in a particular tournament, such as the AFCON 2023 or the UEFA Champions League.
  4. To Reach the Final Bets: In knockout-style competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup or the Wimbledon tennis grand-slam, you can wager on a team or player simply reaching the final. This allows for a broader approach to predicting success, as the outright winner isn’t the primary focus.
  5. Group Result Bets: in sports competitions with group stages, such as the current AFCON 2023, punters can bet on which team will top its respective group (Group Winner Bet). In addition you can also bet on the team you think will finish at the bottom of a group (Group Finish Bottom Bet). This outright bet requires an understanding of the teams’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as the dynamics of a specific group.

Outright Betting Tips and Strategies

Let’s delve into strategies for winning outright bets. Successful outright betting involves predicting the outcome of an entire tournament or competition rather than individual matches. Therefore they are challenging, complex bets due to the multitude of variables involved. Predicting the outcome of a single match is tough enough. But predicting the winner of a league or tournament requires luck, research as well as knowledge. Increase your chances of success in outright betting, by considering the following factors:

  1. Do research! Before placing your outright bets assess every element of the market, including recent performance of teams and also individual players. Ensure the overall strength while making sure you are aware of injuries, suspensions as well as transfers, new signings and any other changes. A missing star player can significantly affect the chances of success throughout a season or tournament. Don’t forget to analyse the impact of the manager or coach as their experience can make a difference.
  2. Seek consistency. Favour teams with a proven track record of reliability. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are elite teams. Rather focus on clubs /teams that consistently perform at a similar level in each outing.
  3. Avoid fixating solely on outright bets. Not only is it challenging to make them consistently profitable, but they also exhibit high volatility. Use outright wagers to complement your overall sports betting strategy.
  4. Bet hedging can be a valuable tool for outright bets. Backing multiple opponents can provide a substantial safety net and is worth considering.
  5. Use cash-outs strategically. Monitor your outright bets constantly and look for early cashout opportunities. For example, some teams start the season strong but falter later on. If timed correctly, this approach can yield a profit with smaller risk.
  6. Bet a substantial amount as it’s a one-time offer while using potential free bets and bonus offers.

Place your bets at PrideBet!

PrideBet offers you a wide and varied sports betting experience with a huge variety of markets. With the start of the 2023 AFCON PrideBet has added Soccer Outrights. That is to say, Outright Betting is a captivating aspect of sports wagering that requires a combination of research, strategic thinking and moreover a deep understanding of the league or tournament. We hope this guide helps you to enhance your betting experience and increase the likelihood of making successful predictions. Remember, patience and diligence are key when it comes to outright betting, so enjoy the journey and the excitement.


What is Outright betting?

Outright bets are usually ante-post bets. Instead of betting on individual matches or events you bet on the outcome of an entire competition or tournament. This betting market is especially popular for soccer betting but also for other sports such as Tennis or Formula 1.

When should I place my outright bets?

The ideal timing depends on your individual preferences and risk level. These bets come at an opportunity cost due to a long-term turnaround. If you make your decision for example regarding the EPL winner early, then odds can offer you significant returns compared to placing your bet halfway through the season. However, you are not restricted to placing them only before an event or competition has started but prices can fluctuate once a tournament is underway.

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