Split The Pot Games arrive at PrideBet Ghana

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PrideBet Ghana is offering its players a wide range of casino games including a variety of crash game titles. Of course there is Aviator and Big bass Crash. However, PrideBet wants to bring you the very best entertainment and has hence just expanded its crash games section further. Now you can also enjoy Split The Pot games.

Split The Pot Games arrive at PrideBet Ghana

Spilt the what? While you might not know these games by name you will recognise them once you see them. The titles by Swedish games developer Split The Pot are very popular throughout Africa. The main reasons are that they are super lightweight and hence data friendly while at the same time offering a fun gameplay with big winning potential. So go on, give them a go and play them at pridebet.com.gh!

Available Split the Pot Games

The following Split The Pot games are now available at PrideBet Ghana:

  1. Taxi Ride, which is also known as Trotro Crash on Betika.
  2. Galamsey (or Archeo)
  3. Monkey Bizniz  
  4. Comet Crash
  5. Asangoli, also known as Paper Plane
  6. Kweku Ananse aka Daredevil
  7. Gold Dami (Gold Rush)
  8. Magic Numbers
  9. Jungle Gems
  10. Rugby Run
  11. Rock Paper Scissors
  12. Soccer Mania
  13. Ludu aka Street Dice
  14. Plinko

Many of these games fall into the crash game category. So if you enjoy titles like Aviator, Meteoroid or Spaceman then you might want to try the following Split the Pot crash -style games.

Crash Game Style Games

  • Comet Crash: a great crash game title with galactic winning potential – up to x1,000,000. Your mission? Jump off the comet before it crashes. The longer the comet’s journey the greater your multiplier and hence your potential earnings. How far into space can you fly? All the way to the moon?
  • Taxi Ride: this trotro is going really fast, so strap yourself in, it’s going to be a wild ride! The further the bus goes the higher the multiplier and hence the bigger your potential wins. However, ensure you jump out before the taxi crashes to secure your win.
  • Rugby Run: a fun game for fans of this wonderful sport. Ensure you pass the ball before you get tackled to win.

All of them are not only very similar in gameplay to Aviator, there are also similar features. You can usually place 2 bets in one go to diversity your strategy. And with betting starting from GHS 0.50 its actually very affordable. Moreover you use the Auto Cashout function to jump of at at your specified multiplier level.

While some STP games are very similar to other crash games other have are different and considered “Multistep Games”. This means that each game has different levels or rounds and you have the option to cash out after each. For example, when you play Jungle Gems, Galamsey or Gold Dami you need to climb carefully through the jungle to find the hidden treasures. Therefore you don’t run against the clock but after each successful step you need to make the decision to continue or to cashout. The mechanic is a bit similar to the gamble feature in slot machines. You either take your win or try to maximise it further.

Play Split The Pot Games at PrideBet

  • Head over to PrideBet and log into your account
  • You can find all Split The Pot Games in PrideBet’s Casino Games section. If you have never played any of them before then you have the chance to play them in demo mode.
  • Afterwards pick your favourite and place your real money wager in the hunt for a massive multiplier and hence payout. Don’t forget to cash out before you crash out!

Special offers and promotions

To celebrate the launch of Split The Pot games on Pridebet Ghana all players can enjoy a special jackpot offer with a guaranteed Crash Games Jackpot worth GHS 5,000 waiting. With every wager on any of the above games you have not only the chance to win from your placed bet but moreover you could be the lucky player to trigger the jackpot in addition. The jackpot is must drop daily before it hit GHS 200 while the minimum payout of GHS 50. Hence playing Split The Pot titles can make your bet count twice. Ensure you opt-into the jackpot promotion before you start to play the STP games. Only once you have opted in you can actually win it. The new Split the Jackpot is the second progressive jackpot available on PrideBet after the launch of the Fire Jackpot.

Low in Data, High in Fun!

Especially since the recent internet issues we appreciate games that are light weight and hence optimised for low data consumption. Split The Pot has always catered especially for limited network speeds. While all titles are low in data they are definitely high in fun. Moreover, as with other crash game titles, Split The Pot games are accessible for all players due to their simple mechanics. Have fun playing them and don’t forget to use the special promos.


What are Split the Pot Games?

Split The Pot is a Swedish game developer that focuses on creating games that are lightweight, fun and full of crash games thrills.

Which Split the Pot games are popular in Ghana?

Split The Pot games are overall very popular due to their fun themes, easy gameplay and most importantly instant high win potential. Many titles in the portfolio are crash games. Some are classic crash games such as Comet Crash or Taxi Ride and hence very similar to Aviator or Spaceman while others are multistep crash games. After each successfully passed level you can decide to cashout your winnings or move on to the next level.

Where can I play Split the Pot games such as Taxi Ride or Kweku Ananse online in Ghana?

Not to many betting and casino sites in Ghana feature yet the fantastic games by split the Pot. You can find them at Betika, Betway and also PrideBet Ghana.

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