Fantastic League Game Review

Fantastic League is a full-fledged football match from Pragmatic Play. The game offers an extensive range of standard betting markets in addition to some special player favourites. It is also structured in a manner similar to how players are used to betting on sports in real life.

Fantastic League Game Review
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In the past few years, virtual games have caused quite a stir in the gambling industry. Thus no surprise that Pragmatic Play offer a selection of Virtual Games. Fantastic League is a genuine soccer game that will appeal to football betting enthusiasts. You can now take advantage of a full selection of traditional betting markets. Furthermore enjoy personalised player bets that elevate your gaming experience thanks to the format’s similarity to real-world sports betting.

Where to Play

How to Play Fantastic League

Every Fantastic League match is between 2 teams drawn from 20 teams based on the EPL. Each round is 2 minutes. In this virtual soccer game you will find the match is divided into 3 sections. They are first half, half time and second half. Uncut versions of a football game will be seen in the first and second half. You can see the score on a card during halftime. Furthermore, only offensive and midfielders may score goals.

Be assured every game is unique and you will find a game every 3 minutes. Every match starts with a intro to the teams participating. Results of the game will be be displayed at half time and the end. Once a game starts the betting markets will be refreshed to show the betting options for the next available match.


  • The minimum odds for an individual market is 1.01 (decimal)/ 1:100 (fractional).
  • The maximum odds for an individual market is 9999 (decimal)/ 9998:1 (fractional).

Betting Markets

Up to 20 seconds prior to kick off you can place your bets on the next Fantastic League game. Future betting markets are still available to bet on. The odds will be shown underneath the selected future match when it is selected.

Available markets are listed below:

  • Match Result (home;draw;away)
  • Correct Score (0:0 to 4:0)
  • Total Goals (0 to 4)
  • Total Goals 2.5 (Under;Over)
  • Double Result
  • Yellow card in match
  • Penalty in match
  • 1st team to score (home;away;no goal)
  • Time of 1st Goal (No Goal;0-22;23-44;45-67;68-90)
  • 1st goalscorer (Player 6 to 11 for either team;no goal)
  • Double Chance

Play Fantastic League for free

Virtual sports games do not offer demo play, much like live casino games. However, after you have logged into your PrideBet player account, you can view the current betting rounds. Additionally, keep an eye out for any special offers for Virtual Games on the PrideBet promotions page.

Strategy & Tips

Every new Fantastic League game offers a distinct challenge. As a result, a random number generator determines the outcome of every game. This implies that there are no set strategic patterns.

The same principles apply to betting on virtual sports as they do on live ones. Therefore, be sure to fully understand the odds. Although some markets provide greater returns, it may be preferable to obtain smaller, more frequent gains. Especially before you place more daring bets. When it comes to virtual football, betting on over/under is advantageous.

As always, we recommend watching a few rounds, studying all markets carefully, and becoming comfortable with the game’s basics. Then, begin by placing tiny bets, and engage in fun entertainment while being responsible.

Key Facts

  • Provider/Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Release Date: 2020
  • RTP: 92%
  • Betting Options:
  • Theme: Soccer/Football
  • Category: Virtual Sports

FAQ – Fantastic League

Where can I play Pragmatic Play’s Fantastic League?

You can play a variety of virtual sports games at PrideBet Ghana, including Fantastic League and other Pragmatic Play Virtuals. So you might want to give other games like Penalty Shootout or Steeplechase a try as well.

Can I play the virtual game Fantastic League for free?

To learn more about this game without engaging in any free play, sign onto your PrideBet player account. Then open the game, and observe a few betting rounds. There is also a thorough help section that will walk you through the different betting possibilities.

Can I play Pragmatic Play’s Fantastic League on my mobile?

Pragmatic Play designs games to function perfectly on every mobile device. As a result, betting on this virtual soccer game and any other is simple to do from your mobile device. A PrideBet app download may also be something you want to think about doing for a better overall gaming experience.

What is the RTP of Fantastic League by Pragmatic Play?

The RTP in this virtual soccer game is 92%.

Fantastic League – Game Review Summary

Fantastic League by Pragmatic Play is a virtual soccer game that effectively simulates the thrill and anticipation of a live match. This virtual game has gained popularity among both football fans and online game lovers thanks to its simple yet fascinating gameplay mechanics, excellent graphics, and great effect.
Online betting on virtual football games is as authentic as it can be thanks to Pragmatic Play.

So, give Pragmatic Play’s Fantastic League a try if you want to feel the excitement of a football match. Even though this virtual game has a football theme, it’s also great for players who don’t know anything about the sport. Some other great Virtual Games by Pragmatic Play are Penalty Shootout, Greyhound Racing and Steeplechase.