Penalty Shootout Game Review

Penalty shootouts are one of the most dramatic and nail-biting moments in soccer and many other sports. Players, coaches, and fans feel the weight of the moment, knowing that the smallest mistake or slip-up could mean victory or defeat. As the players line up to take their shots, the pressure is immense, and even the most experienced ones can succumb to nerves.

Penalty Shootout Game Review
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Pragmatic Play’s virtual sports game Penalty Shootout successfully captures the excitement and anticipation of a real-life penalty shootout within a virtual sports game.

Where to Play

This exciting soccer themed virtual sports game is available at PrideBet Ghana.

How to Play Penalty Shootout

Drawing inspiration from the EPL this game features 20 teams. Some team names such as Liverpool City, Arsenal Braves or Manchester Union might therefore sounds familiar but are made up. During an intense competition within a fully-fledged league format each team competes against one another. During each match there are 3 penalties for each side, taken in 3 rounds of 1 penalty each, The home team shoots first and all penalties will be taken, Therefore matches could end in a draw. There is a new match starting every 2 minutes so betting rounds are quite short. Once you have placed your bets get ready to witness the realism of 3 players per team engaging in exciting shoot-outs.


  • The minimum odds for an individual market is 1.01 (decimal)/ 1:100 (fractional).
  • The maximum odds for an individual market is 500 (decimal)/ 500:1 (fractional).

Bet markets

Pragmatic Play’s Virtual Penalty Shoot-out game has a comprehensive list of bet markets with competitive odds. The range covers classic markets such as match result or correct score but moreover many other ones such as sum of Shirts or shirt number of last penalty taker.

Below is the full list of bet markets:

Classic markets:

  • Match result (home, draw, away)
  • Correct Match Score (0-0 to 3-3)
  • Correct score per round (0-0 to 1-1)
  • Total goals (over or under the preselected number of goals scored)
  • Total saves by both teams (over; under)
  • Double Chance: combine 2 possible match outcomes in 1 single bet
  • Triple Result: bet on the result after each round (for example home, away, home)

Shirt markets:

  • Sum of all penalty taker shirt number in the match (over; under)
  • Sum of all home team penalty taker shirt number in the match (over; under)
  • Sum of all away team penalty taker shirt number in the match (over; under)
  • Shirt number of first penalty taker (2-11)
  • Shirt number of last penalty taker (2-11)

Player Markets:

In addition you can also bet on the outcome of the 6 penalty kicks separately, with each having the options goal position, save, miss or woodwork.

Play Penalty Shootout for free

Similar to Live casino games there is no no demo play available for Virtual Sports Games. Nevertheless you can watch the current betting rounds once you have logged into your PrideBet player account. Also keep an eye out on the PrideBet promotions page as there might be special offers available for Virtuals.

Strategy & Tips

Every new Penalty Shootout game presents a unique challenge. The scoring likelihood of each team as well as the skill of all penalty takers and furthermore the goalkeepers are used to ensure this. Therefore all games are fair and determined by a random number generator. This means there are no strategic patterns to follow.

Virtual sports works in the same way as betting on real-life events. Hence make sure you understand the odds. Some markets bring more profit but it might be better to get smaller, consistent wins instead of placing more risky bets. Over under betting is a good selection when it come to virtual football.

As always, we recommend familiarising yourself with the game and its mechanics while watching a few rounds and evaluating all markets in detail. Then start with small bet amounts and enjoy fun entertainment 24/7 in a responsible way.

Key Facts

  • Provider/Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Release Date: 2020
  • RTP: 92.0%
  • Betting options: classic market, shirt markets as well as 6 player markets
  • Theme: Soccer/Football
  • Category: Virtual Sports

FAQ – Penalty Shootout

Where can I play Pragmatic Play’s Penalty Shootout?

PrideBet Ghana offers you a varied virtual sports games section where you find many Pragmatic Play Virtuals, including Penalty Shootout. You might also want to try other titles such as Fantastic League or Steeplechase.

Can I play the virtual Penalty Shootout game for free?

Virtual Sports games can be played at PrideBet only with real money or if they are included in special promotions. Instead of free play you can log into your PrideBet player account, open the game and then watch a few betting rounds to learn more about this title. In addition, there is a detailed help section to guide you through the various betting options.

Can I play Pragmatic Play’s Penalty Shootout on my mobile?

All Pragmatic Play games are developed to work seamlessly across all mobile devices. Therefore you can bet on this virtual soccer game as well as all other titles easily from your mobile device. You might also want to consider downloading the PrideBet app for an even better gameplay experience.

What is the RTP of Penalty Shootout by Pragmatic Play?

All betting options within this virtual sports soccer game have a RTP of 92%.

Pragmatic Play Penalty Shootout Review Summary

Pragmatic Play’s Penalty Shootout is a virtual game that successfully captures the excitement and anticipation of a real-life penalty shootout. With its user-friendly interface, impressive graphics as well as great effect and an overall simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics, this virtual game has proven to be a hit among football fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. So, if you’re looking to experience the thrill of a penalty shootout 24/7 then give Pragmatic Play’s Penalty Shootout a try.

While this virtual game is a football themed one it is also ideal for players with little football knowledge. For virtual sports games research doesn’t increase your odds of winning. If you like this game you might also want to try others in the Pragmatic Play virtual games range such as Fantastic League.