Big Bass Crash Game Review

Big Bass Crash is an exciting online multiplayer “Crash” game. The multiplier with a starting value of 1.00x rises to a random predetermined value before the crash occurs in this game of chance. The restless Fisherman is trying to catch as many Big Bass as possible, so the objective is you must cash out before the net slips or you lose all your Bass. The crash in this game happens when the net slips and the fisherman losing his catch.

Big Bass Crash Game Review
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This crash game is derived from the Big Bass Slot series by Pragmatic Play. Join your well-known fisherman in catching fish in this fast paced and fun crash game. Pragmatic Play have done a fantastic job transferring the well-known Big Bass name into a crash game title. So if you like the slots series you’ll surely like the crash title. Let’s take a closer look at the Big Bass crash game and explore how you can play it.

Where to Play Big Bass Crash

Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass Crash is available in PrideBet Ghana’s Crash Games section, alongside other titles such as Spaceman or Aviator.

How to Play Big Bass Crash

To start playing Big Bass Crash you select a bet amount and confirm your bet by clicking on the confirm button. You may place or modify your bet for the upcoming game round until “Bets closed” is displayed on your screen. Your total bet in the current round is visible in the “Total Bet” window in the bottom right hand corner.

Once the betting time finishes, the multiplier is displayed with the initial value of 1.00x. Then the fisherman sets of in his boat to catch Big Bass. As he catches fish in his net the multiplier increases, slowly at first but it speeds up as the boat travels further. So while the multiplier increases you have the option to cashout all at once or half first and half later on. Just remember the later you cashout the bigger the multiplier and hence your winnings may be. Just make sure you cashout before the fisherman’s net snaps which indicates the crash. When the crash happens the game round ends. Any amount not cashed out by then is lost.

You will win the amount of the bet that you decided to cash out multiplied by the current multiplier, if you cash out before the crash. The winning amount displayed in the winning notification on your screen. So once you have cashed out, the current game is over for you. You can then start placing bets for the upcoming game round. Also the minimum and maximum bets allowed are visible next to the game name on the left of the screen.

Play Big Bass Crash for free

Once you have registered your account, login and head over to the crash games section. Click on Big Bass Crash and Play Now. You will be able to watch the game in real time while other players are playing and while doing so get a feel for the game. To access the Game help click on the question mark icon. For any question use Live Support or the chat. So while there is no free demo play for Big Bass Crash available watching a few game rounds before joining in will help you to fully understand the gameplay.

Strategy & Tips

This new Pragmatic Play crash game takes inspiration from the Big Bass slot series. It is very similar to the crash game Spaceman, with the rules and features more or less the same. Thus this means like all other crash games it is a matter of patience, luck and taking chances. There are some in-game features available that can help you with your betting strategy:

  • Auto Cashout: Because the game is fast-paced and unpredictable, you can set a maximum cash out during a round using this function. You can choose the multiplier, and once reached, the game will restart with your winnings payed out. It will repeat itself, so you won’t need to configure it manually all the time.
  • 50% Auto Cashout: Similar to the previously mentioned Auto Cash out option, you may choose to automatically cash out only 50% of your winnings when the game starts. Simply select the multiplier and activate the feature located on the game’s left side to accomplish this. If the Fisherman’s net moves past your chosen multiplier, 50% of your winnings payout, and the game will then continue.

You also have the option to choose both cashout features. If you have selected both auto cashout options you must note that the value set for the “50% Auto Cashout” must be less than the value set for the “Auto Cashout”. This will change accordingly when “Auto Cashout” is adjusted and disabled when “Auto Cashout” equals 1.01x. Once these options are activated your payout is processed. It is based on the game result and “Auto Cashout” / “50% Auto Cashout” predefined values.

Key Facts

  • Provider/Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Release Year: 2023
  • RTP: 95.50%
  • Volatility: Med/High
  • Features: Auto Cashout, 50% Auto Cashout
  • Min. bet.: GHS 2
  • Max. bet.: GHS 750
  • Autoplay: Yes
  • Theme: Fishing
  • Category: Crash Games

FAQ – Big Bass Crash

Where can I play Big Bass Crash in Ghana?

Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play is available on PrideBet Ghana alongside its other crash game titles and slot games. You just need to register with PrideBet Ghana and login in order to play this brand-new crash game.

Can I play Big Bass Crash for free?

In general you can play crash games only with real money. But many betting and casino sites offer special promotions, so it’s worth checking the promo page of your favourite bookie before you start your fishing adventure. Once you logged into your player account you also have always the option to watch the game and analyse other players gameplay before you place your bets.

Can I play Big Bass Crash on my mobile?

Big Bass Crash is a mobile-first game and hence works seamlessly across various mobile devices.

What is the RTP of Big Bass Crash?

The RTP for Big Bass Crash is 95.50% which is lower than Aviator’s RTP (97%) But the game’s in-built features, especially the unique 50% cashout feature, can support your gameplay.

What is the Multiplier in Big Bass Crash?

The multiplier always starts at the value of 1.00x. As the game progresses it increases until the crash. The game’s maximum crash multiplier value is 5000x.

Big Bass Crash screenshot PrideBet blog
Big Bass Crash screenshot PrideBet blog
Big Bass Crash screenshot PrideBet blog

Big Bass Crash – Game Review Summary

Knowing Pragmatic Play and its releases it comes as no surprise that this game has top-class graphics, generous bonus features, and a good RTP. Big Bass Crash is a fun and great looking crash game. By transforming the highly acclaimed Big Bass Slot into an immersive crash game pragmatic Play might net a new hit with players worldwide. Big Bass Crash keeps the popular theme known from the slots while introducing the exciting real-time decision-making element of crash games.

Crash Games are growing daily in popularity. The fast-played, unpredictable gameplay where you have some level of control over the outcome makes for an overall exciting gaming. Do you have the nerve to wait as long as possible to see how many fish you can catch in your net before you cashout? If that is a resounding yes then give Big Bass Crash a try with PrideBet!

Big Bass Cash is the second Pragmatic Play crash game, following the launch of Spaceman in 2022. Both titles are available in the PrideBet Crash Games section together with Aviator and Golden Race crash games.