XCAPE Game Review

With their straightforward yet captivating gameplay, crash games have revolutionised our online casino experience and are these days amongst the top games choices of players around the globe. While they offer exciting entertainment they might also bring substantial rewards. These days there are quite a few crash game titles to choose from, most of them with very similar gameplay and mechanics – all aiming to fly as high as Spribe’s Aviator.

And while Spribe’s Aviator crash game continues to be the number 1 online casino game at the moment there are some alternative crash games titles you might want to try. Let us introduce you to XCAPE! This brand-new crash game titles has just landed at PrideBet, offering you a similar experience to Aviator or Spaceman.

XCAPE Game Review

Even better, it’s exclusive to us so you can’t play it on any other betting and casino site in Ghana yet. Are you ready to escape into outer space and enjoy a cosmic journey full of rewards? Then try XCAPE!

Where to Play

This title is exclusive to PrideBet and you can therefore find it in PrideBet Ghana’s Crash Games section, alongside other cosmic-themed titles such as Spaceman or Meteoroid.

How to Play Game XCAPE

Playing XCAPE is very straightforward as it is very similar to other crash game titles. During the betting round you decide if you want to place 1 or 2 bets as well as your stake. Betting starts from GHS 0.50. Then the galactic gameplay starts and the UFO begins its journey into the depths of outer space. As you enjoy the view and navigate the cosmos remember that your task is to cash out your bets before the UFO disappears. The further you fly, the greater the multiplier climbs. Keep your wits about you and cash out before it’s too late. The rules of XCAPE are simple yet dynamic, ensuring a captivating experience with every round:

Head over to PrideBet now and follow these steps to aim for big wins.

  1. Login to your PrideBet account.
  2. Navigate to Games >> Crash Games, then click on the XCAPE logo. You can try the game for free in demo mode or simply watch a few rounds in real mode before then placing your bets.
  3. Place Your Bets: Choose your desired bet amount (between GHS 0.50 up to GHS 500) and click “Place Bet” to embark on your cosmic journey. Place 1 single bet or make use of the dual-bet option to place two bets simultaneously, amplifying the excitement and potential rewards.
  4. Cash Out: Keep a close eye on the multiplier and hit the “Cash Out” button at the optimal moment to secure your winnings. Evauate risk vs reward and make use of the game’s features. Fail to cash out before the spaceship vanishes, and your bet is lost to the void of space.

Strategy & Features

  • Dual bet option: Similar to Aviator XCAPE features a dual-bet system. Therefore you can place two bets simultaneously. This opens up a world of strategic possibilities, allowing you to diversify your approach while maximising potential winnings. Whether you’re a risk-taker or a more cautious traveller, XCAPE offers the flexibility to tailor your bets to your preferred style of play.
  • Auto Cash Out: Activate Auto Cash Out to automatically collect your winnings once they reach a specified multiplier. You can set the auto cash-out level for each of your 2 bets separately. use it to ensure you cash out when you want.
  • Auto Play: Initiate Auto Play to let the game run autonomously, with options to stop based on balance fluctuations or single win thresholds. With betting rounds being fast this feature means you are staying in the game as long as you want.

Key Facts XCAPE

Provider/Developer: iSolutions
Release Year: 2024
RTP: 97%
Volatility: medium
Bonus Features: cash out
Min. bet.: GHS 0.50
Max. bet.: GHS 500
Autoplay: Yes
Theme: Space
Category: Crash Games


Where can I play the XCAPE crash games?

This brand-new crash game is currently only available at Pridebet Ghana.

What’s the RTP of the XCAPE crash game?

This crash game has a theoretical 97% RTP (return to player), which is the same for others such as Aviator or JetX.

What’s the max. win of the XCAPE game?

The maximum win per bet is set to GHS 10,000. As you can place 2 bets in one go you could win up to GHS 20,000 per betting round.

XCAPE – Game Review Summary

XCAPE is another fun crash game title that could bring astronomical rewards. If you like Spaceman or Meteoroid then this is a good alternative for some galactic gaming fun.

Overall, PrideBet Ghana offers you a great line-up of crash games. Aside from Spribe’s Aviator you can enjoy the following games:

  • Spaceman as well as Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play
  • 4 Golden Race crash game titles: Bank Run, Don’t Drop the Ball, Final Fist and Meteoroid. The latter is similar to XCAPE a cosmic-themed crash game.
  • Various Split the Pot crash games, including Comet Crash and Taxi Ride

Enjoy crash gambling fun with Pridebet, including the exclusive content that you can’t play anywhere else.