Spaceman Game Review

Spaceman from Pragmatic Play is a peculiar ‘crash’ game that takes you on a adventure to outer space. You’ll need to maintain your composure as the countdown comes to the end and the Spaceman is launched into space with the help of superb animation and graphics.

Spaceman Game Review
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In contrast to other games and slots, this crash game doesn’t offer a wide variety of options for the player to make use of while playing. Instead, it’s a game with extremely simple gameplay mechanics that lets you tag along with a Spaceman on a flying adventure. It is an exhilarating crash game filled with fun and excitement. Let us have a closer look at this crash game and how you can try it out in our detailed review on PrideBet Ghana. 

Where to Play Spaceman

Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is available in PrideBet Ghana’s Crash Games section.

How to Play Spaceman

Playing this fascinating space adventure, Spaceman will transport you to an amazing journey through space. Place your bet and see how the multiplier increases as the Spaceman moves deeper into space. The multiplier starts at 1.00x. You get to choose when to cash out your winnings, risk them for larger payouts, or run the risk of losing your stake if the Spaceman crashes. It all depends on how quickly you can make decisions and use your judgment. To protect your winnings, remember to cash out before the crash.

So here on PrideBet Ghana follow these easy steps to to start playing Spaceman:

  • To begin playing spaceman, click your preferred amount. To change the amount of money, use the arrow keys. When the countdown has finished, click ‘Confirm Bet’ and wait. You will be informed when you can bet and when the round’s bets are closed during your game. 
  • As the Spaceman moves through space at the start of the game, multipliers start to emerge on the screen. These keep going up until the game abruptly comes to an end. During this time, you will have two options: “Cashout” or “Cashout 50%”; the cash values will be displayed.
  • Your ability to keep your coolness before the Spaceman crashes will influence how big your prize will be as it becomes bigger. The game is over and your prize is yours if you cash out. You can also choose to keep playing with half of your bet and cash out 50% of your prize later when the multiplier is bigger.

Play Spaceman for free

You can try the game for free in demo mode directly on PrideBet. Head over to the Crash Games section, select Spaceman and click on Try Game. This will open the demo play version of Spaceman where you can familiarise yourself with the features and overall gameplay. You don’t even need a PrideBet account to play for free. But once you want to get involved for real, register or login with PrideBet and start place your bets.

Strategy & Tips

This crash game is mostly a game of risk and patience. But it will not hurt to have some tips and strategy in your back pocket. Let us first have a look at the 2 available features.

  • Auto Cashout: This feature allows you to specify a maximum cash out during a round due to the unpredictable nature of the game. You can set the multiplier, and if the Spaceman hits it, your earnings will be cashed out and the game will resume. You won’t need to constantly manually set it because it will repeat itself. 
  • 50% Auto Cashout: When a game begins, you can opt to automatically cash out only 50% of your earnings, similar to the Auto Cash out option already mentioned. To do this, just choose the multiplier and turn on the feature which is situated on the left of the game. 50% of your winnings are paid out if the Spaceman advances past your selected multiplier, and the game will then resume. 

These two features are great to keep in mind and plan into your game plane before playing and flying off into space. Furthermore you will be able to click on the statistics situated on the left of the confirm now button, here you will see what the latest winning bets were and the multipliers involved. You will also find the chat window which opens automatically when you are in the game on the right side. Here you can chat away with other players while you play. 

Key Facts

  • Provider/Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Release Date: 2022
  • RTP: 95.50%
  • Volatility: High
  • Bonus Features: Auto Cashout; 50% Auto Cashout; Stats and Chat Window
  • Min. bet.: GHS 2
  • Max. bet.: GHS 750
  • Autoplay: Yes
  • Chat: Yes
  • Theme: Space
  • Category: Crash Games

FAQ – Spaceman

Where can I play Spaceman?

You can play across all PrideBet brands alongside many other titles from the Pragmatic Play portfolio, including slots as well as virtual sports games.

Can I play Spaceman for free?

Yes, you can play Spaceman on PrideBet for free before spending any of your money. Click on “Try Game” to open the free demo and learn the ins and outs of this crash game before heading into space for real.

Can I play Spaceman on my mobile?

Yes you can, simply login to your PrideBet account and head into space for some fun and games. 

What is the RTP of Spaceman?

The RTP of Spaceman is 95.50% which is lower than for example Spribe’s Aviator

Spaceman – Game Review Summary

In summary, before Spaceman starts heading into space, you place a bet, and the multiplier increases the higher this Spaceman travels. As you must decide when to pay out, this is when the game quickly becomes incredibly adrenaline-filled for you as the player. The payout increases with the multiplier, but if the Spaceman crashes before you push cashout, you forfeit the full sum. The rounds of the game typically conclude fairly quickly, but the gameplay is extremely addictive. This makes it easy to become sucked into the screen for an extended period of time.

Because the Spaceman crashes at random, it is impossible to predict how long his next voyage will be. At first, the multiplier increases gradually, but as it rises, it does so more quickly. The question is whether there are enough players with the courage to wait around and cash out at the highest level. It’s undeniably a fun game that works well as a break from other slots. Online player interaction is a fantastic element that creates a sense of community and provides extra fun. When compared to other crash games, Spaceman shares many of the same traits, yet it stands out thanks to its higher level of quality.